People constantly working under direct Sun exposure might be at risk – Study & Research

people working under direct sun

The old proverb that says everything in excess is bad proves to be right in the context of prolonged exposure to sunlight. A recent study clearly shows that staying or working in the sun for longer duration results in the heating of the head.

The results of the study give evidence to the fact that constant exposure to the sun will eventually lead to a rise in brain temperature. Thereafter, it will affect a person’s ability to perform cognitive functions. It will also impact various motor tasks that need to be performed by the body.

It is well known that working at high temperatures reduces the productivity rate. Also, this happens when some physical work is to be done. However, now, there is enough evidence to show that heating of the head has a negative effect. Further, it involves cognitive functions like thinking, feeling, sensing, and intuiting.

Moreover, a huge crowd of people is working in agriculture, courier and mail services, construction, and any similar work environment. It involves staying under the direct sun that causes issues regarding their safety and works productivity.

But the main concern is that this problem is not taken into consideration by most people seriously. They don’t take preventive measures to protect their head from direct heat. This scenario eventually leads them to greater problems and may also cause accidents. 

Not only people working in the sun but also the people going out for normal work should protect their head from the direct sun. Well, it’s crucial in order to stay safe and for the proper functioning of their body.

Moreover, the sole purpose of this study is to tell people that steps should be taken to reduce the harmful effects of sun radiation. 

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