10 Original Humanity Quotes to meet the goodness residing in the heart

humanity quotes

An urge for existence is only possible under the influence of humanity. If humanity disappears, no one will be in the state of introspection. Everything would be scattered and shattered. There would be more bloodshed and tears making life unbearable to live.

Humanity constructs internal happiness by helping you meet the inside goodness residing in the heart. It is a simple yet truthful act of emotion which when shown does wonder in the other’s life. Also, we are humans and were born to humane. The kind of wickedness we see now wasn’t expected out of us.

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Our creator laid humanity because he never wanted us to feel that grave loneliness deep inside our soul. He lent us this magical quality as he felt humans were best at transformations. And therefore, he was eager to know what exactly we’ll make out of it.

Surely, somewhere in clouds, he must be feeling disappointed as to how we all are progressing in the field of humiliating humanity. Moreover, we still can try restoring his faith in our capabilities by being kind and humble. Let’s come together before it’s too late to embrace humanity. Enlisted are 10 original humanity quotes to start with:

10 Original Quotes on Humanity – Be more human and lesser robotic

1. Humanity prevails peace and godliness in the heart.

2. Humanity is losing itself amid the false accusation battles fought in the search of the truth.

3. Humanity is the first religion and the first spiritual insight of a man.

4. Humanity comes with no payment in figures, but yes, it brings countless blessings, along.

5. Are we losing humanity or wishing the planet of existence to turn inhumane? The ultimate choice is ours.

6. Humanity always awards contentment to the heart of the benefactor.

7. Humanity is a magical deed. The more you spread it, the more you shall receive it.

8. Being human isn’t dangerous, what’s dangerous is, creating enemies everywhere.

9. Humanity is the universal truth that was preached by our creator while forming the mankind.

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10. If humanity disappears, the world will become unbearable to live.

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