How to Navigate through COVID-19 Situation with the help of Psychology?

importance of psychology during covid19 pandemic

Do you know you can deal with COVID-19 with the help of psychology? Yes, along with face masks, sanitizers, and other medicines, psychology can also protect you from COVID-19.

When the world was suffering through another pandemic named Swine Flu in 2009, researchers had shared their opinions on psychology. As soon as the first wave of panic hits the patients, they need to look for attitudinal change. 

During this pandemic, psychology and behavioral changes can also play a key role in treating the disorder. Enlisted are specific points that you must know about psychology treating the COVID-19 pandemic.

The importance of Psychology Amid COVID-19

  • In Malaysian, Indian, and Sri Lankan countries, psychology and its practice is not given the required importance. It witnesses a problematic action because of various religious, cultural, and political restrictions. Psychologists have to depend on medically-proven and driven models to understand the behavioral change in these countries.
  • Psychologists call it magical thinking of the doctors to assume the number of beds, testing kits, masks, and other necessary equipment required. They are stating that it will just appear in a few days if psychological and behavioral changes will not be taken into consideration.

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  • In theory, a psychological contagion is much more harmful when one is focusing on feelings and helplessness. It becomes difficult to control such emotions and focus on rationality. Because of corruption and politics, the psychology of the patients also takes a hit. This reduces his or her immunity because of depression.
  • The importance of psychology helps you fix a trajectory that can help you deliver or devastate. However, coming up with a strategy that is backed by science will help in reducing the impact of such pandemics.

These are specific points to remember and understand the psychological importance. Meanwhile, maintaining social distancing has become a privilege and implies to the people who are capable of doing so.

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