Gifting Holiday Packages

Gift a Getaway to a family member, friend, colleague or team member.

Gift a Getaway through EdgeofKnown. Whether it’s for a Wedding or a reward to an Employee, Getaway Breaks are high on experience. Getaways are customizable to individual preferences and create wonderful memories.

EdgeofKnown has a list of 1000+ getaways ex-major metros and mini-metros in the US. The list has been prepared after sending more than 100,000 customers over the last 10 years to getaways across India.

Getaway Gifts are typically of the following types:

Planned Budget, Flexible location: The Gift giver provides the budget, and the recipient can confirm the dates and the travel location at a later time.
Planned Budget and location, Flexible Dates: The budget and the location are pre-determined by the Gift giver, but the recipient can confirm the dates at a later time (within a specified date range).

Fully Organized: Here, the gift giver has completely organized the trip: the budget, the location, the itinerary.