Times of Extraordinary Stress Level demand an Extra Healthy Brain – Research

stress impacts your brain and health

According to scientists, the human brain is capable of innovating, adapting, and understanding things. It’s quite common in today’s world to feel disoriented and forgetful as you might be going through a lot of stress.

However, stress might cause a hamper to your brain, affecting your memory to a significant extent. Many pieces of research and analysis are performed on animals and humans, that shows how stress affects your brain memory.

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According to scientists, they have witnessed changes as the brain processes certain information when people are experiencing real-time stress. Any stressful time can cause interference in cognition, attention, and the brain’s memory.

Stress can affect other functions of the brain that includes mood, anxiety, and many more. It also promotes inflammation that can adversely affect the health of the heart. Therefore, stress is the leading cause of many chronic diseases that is associated with the brain and heart. It affects differently in men and women.

The connection between stress with brain

The brain consists of multiple units that are grouped to carry out specific tasks. When a part of your human brain is engaged, the other segments of the brain might not have that energy to perform their tasks.

This is the reason why you tend to forget things when you are going through stressful times. Also, this is the main cause of losing your memory if any traumatic events take place.

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The impact of stress on your brain and health might vary based on the frequency of its occurrence. Hormones like gonadal, etc. secreted in your body in vast quantities, especially when you are going through pregnancy, puberty, etc.

Moreover, it might affect your body differently when these hormones are being secreted.

Protecting yourself

Here are certain things that you must to protect yourself from stress

  • Control your emotions in different situations.
  • Sleep appropriately for at least six to eight hours.
  • Organize yourself.
  • Seek for help if needed.
  • Adapt to situations

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