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human brain and covid-19

As per a recent study, it shows that COVID-19 can cause a severe impact on the human brain. COVID-19 or Coronavirus, which is considered a pandemic, has nearly impacted 1,436,000 plus lives across the world. Out of those people, about 85,000 or more are now no longer with us.

As you would be reading through this article, the numbers will have significantly increased. As the patients are suffering from this pandemic, new studies have now determined that Coronavirus affects brains too.

Several patients have developed a syndrome that causes confusion, seizure, and many other neurological disorders. Some patients have lost their sense of smell, while others are suffering from fatal strokes.

Many doctors are conducting CT, MRI, and other possible scans to identify the disorder and treat it accordingly. As the tests are being held, they are coming across images that show swelling in the brain’s skull. 

A neurologist, Jennifer Frontera, who is currently seeing patients at NYU Langone Brooklyn Hospital, raised these concerns. It not only affects the nervous systems; it might affect the human brain too. She came across patients who are unable to identify themselves, birth year, or current year.

As the virus reduces the oxygen levels in a patient’s blood, it is likely to happen. However, in some patients, confusions are appearing as to how the lungs in their body are faring. This is somewhat unusual, as stated by Jennifer.

A recent study also shows about 36.4 percent of tested positive Coronavirus patients out of 214 have these neurological symptoms.

They are losing their sense of smell, nerve pain, and many more. Furthermore, they are facing seizures and strokes quite often. Hence, if you are becoming confused and are uncertain of what you are eating and smelling, then visit a doctor now.

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