COVID-19 Leads to a Spike in Financial Stress, Job Insecurity, and Anxiety?

mental health crisis followed by covid-19

In the last few months, an epidemic of disease i.e. Coronavirus or COVID-19 has hit the human population hard. It has not only attacked human life physically but also has made a deep effect on emotional well being and mental health.

While the lockdown and self-isolation are helping to flatten the curve of this virus spread, the curve of mental health disorders is getting steeper. The social distancing, excess consumption of Corona-related information, economy-related concerns, and job insecurity have wrecked people’s peace of mind.

This stress has further lead to an increase in the growth of anxiety and sleeping disorders. Furthermore, this phase has observed the sharpest economic drop in modern history with a huge spike in unemployment.

According to expert psychologists, there will be a global pandemic of unemployment. But to deal with this crisis within a crisis, many people are working at various levels. From practicing self-care to avoiding negativity, people are trying to stay safe and healthy.

In late March, the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro-Sciences, India launched a toll-free helpline number to help people facing mental health due to countrywide lockdown. To tackle this ongoing inner turmoil, big companies like Microsoft, P&G, and Deloitte have sought professional assistance for employers by integrating mental health into overall health.

This will reduce the anxiety and financial stress of the employees, promote resilience and prepare them to practice mindfulness. Many are organizing virtual meditation sessions, informal team catch-ups and many have even paid employees their salary in advance.

Furthermore, whatever that people get advised by the professionals or officials, here is a fact that still applies that no matter how helpful meditation or mindfulness practicing session is (or others) if people don’t make it a part of their lives and ask for a change from within, nothing will help in a state of emergency that we are currently in.

Calm down… and let go of fear, at first

Anything, on the level of mind or intellect, works if we allow the situation the acceptance it requires to first calm our mind and let go of fear. You know how it works during a crisis, economic or financial concerns arise, they fall back once everything is back in order.

However, what should remain unchanged is our way of perceiving it and being grateful for what it has brought us i.e. lesser pollution and more nature; social distancing but real relationships and not to forget the “quality time” for things that you kept postponing, especially in the case of your health and family.

Moreover, this is a crucial time to practice social distancing and not ‘emotional distancing’. People should back each other during this crisis and not spread seamless inappropriate information that may worsen the situation.

the question is…

Isn’t it the best time to actually seek or work towards what you can instead of thinking what you can’t?

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