Causing Blood Clots, COVID-19 becomes a threat for Brain and Other Body parts

covid-19 is causing blood clots

As the world is sinking into this pandemic, there’s another threat to the people who are suffering from COVID-19. Apart from dealing with brain-related risks, most of the patients are now facing blood clots throughout their bodies. Patients who are experiencing this fatal damage are under observation.

Doctors across the globe are fighting with this pandemic, experimenting with various medicines to find a cure. In this midst, they are witnessing multiple other symptoms that relate to this disease. However, things are turning ugly, as most of the symptoms are life-threatening for the patients.

The problem with visible clots is that it is forming in the catheters and filters that support failing kidneys. The clots are causing challenges for the patients in respiration. It is restricting the blood flow in and out of the lungs, turning it out to be fatal.

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Although the clotting phenomenon is apparent for virus-infected patients, the necessary treatment is mandatory. Moreover, treating these clots is necessary enough in the first place as it can cause severe respiratory issues.

When the 1918 Spanish flu caused severe influenza across the globe and killed 50 million people, doctors observed clotting phenomena too. Blood clots can quickly end lives if the downstream damage is severe. Also, you might experience this clotting phenomenon when suffering from several other viruses like HIV, Ebola, dengue, and many more.

The researchers in China are studying these clotting disorders and trying to find out the leading cause behind it. Initially, most of the lives during the first phase of COVID-19 were lost because of viral pneumonia. Now, doctors and researchers are working closely to address this clotting phenomenon and find a cure for it.

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