Anxiety in Children Hijacks Emotion-regulation Circuits – Stanford University Research

Anxiety in Children

According to a study conducted by Stanford University, the brain’s fear center generates signals to the prefrontal cortex. The study throws some light on the difficulties of children suffering from stress and anxiety to regulate their emotions.

These tests were done on patients with chronic illnesses. It brings the experts to surface specific signals, which influence the brain’s fear center to trigger more negative emotions. Thus, making it challenging to regulate.

In the first kind of analysis, experts use the scans of the brain to observe how the circuits are responsible for regulating emotions function.

Furthermore, the study also shows the changes it goes through by chronic stress and anxiety faced by the children. The study also includes studying the nature of the brain signals using magnetic resonance imaging.

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Moreover, the pattern and movement of messages between the amygdalae and the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex gave this critical insight. In stressful children, the reliability of directional signals moves from the amygdalae to the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex.

As per the data, there is no signal movement in the reverse order. Furthermore, this study also focuses on a new light on how the brain functions change under situations of anxiety. Interventions must come into the picture for the benefits of the children. Also, better interventions can help children to cope up & manage anxiety in a better way.

Dr. Victor Carrion, MD, suggests that as the evolutionary pattern of thought is negative, it is producing such results. Furthermore, Ravenswood City, orchard school districts, Alum rock, and Pure Edge Inc collaborated for this study.

To deal with concerns like stress and anxiety, practicing meditation or mindfulness may help children from a very early age.

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