Aerobic Exercise or Running can Enhance Brain Plasticity? – Latest Research

aerobic exercise or running can help brain function better

Researchers suggest that if you run on a treadmill, it might boost your brain plasticity and improve your motor skill acquisition. They are gathering several shreds of evidence so they can prove how running on a treadmill or aerobic exercise can enhance your brain’s plasticity.

Scientists are performing this research on mice by dividing them into groups. The mice run on a treadmill for a week at 2 meters per minute for the first five minutes.

Then, for the next five minutes, they run at a rate of about 8 meters per minute for 20 minutes. Both groups then observe the motor maze by analyzing their learning skills. The tests include place navigation, spatial probe test, and many more.

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According to the researchers, they are observing a significant difference in their swimming velocity. Scientists are working on this riddle for years now, trying their best to resolve the brain’s role in the motor skills acquisition.

Also, during this study, scientists have analyzed that adult mice run on the wheel voluntarily. Exercising for about seven days, they are learning complex motor skills quickly in comparison to the non-exercise group ones.

According to this researches, scientists are gathering evidence to prove that sustained aerobic exercise might affect the learning process of the brain.

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It causes neurotransmitters across regions of the midbrain that is called a pedunculopontine nucleus. It switches from the ACh (acetylcholine) to GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid).

Researchers are also gathering evidence that proves exercise promotes the conscience and ability to obtain new motor driving skills.

Furthermore, it also serves as the best medicine for most of the motor disorders. However, the actions will be soon defined.

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