Edge of Known is an online journal that focuses on spreading awareness on mind and body connectivity, the importance of mental, spiritual, and emotional health and the understanding of human behavior, psychological traits, etc. 

The whole purpose of this thought-provoking journal is to educate and remind people about their untapped potential and unlimited possibilities. Rather than calling it a self-help guide, we would like to call it a process to first seek and understand the core i.e. SELF and then to HELP it evolve.

In the scenario today, where every human is struggling to find work and life balance, it’s crucial that he understands how his thought process, feelings, emotions, etc. if directed, can change about anything.

Disclaimer: We are no experts in this field. However, every piece of content that we publish here is backed by enough evidence and studies, what we have studied in the last 5 years or more of research, by avid reading, practice or/and by observing people.

Moved by the experiences and changes that we noticed and are still witnessing, we feel, it’s worth sharing with you all.

Shivali Singla (Founder & Lead Editor)