5 Quick Mental Health Tips for Elderly People during Quarantine

Mental Health Tips for Elderly during Quarantine

As the number of coronavirus cases is increasing at an alarming rate, quarantining yourself at home is becoming natural. But this isolation amidst COVID-19 lockdown is giving birth to mental health concerns such as stress, loneliness and more among people, especially in older people.

Well, this is no time to be careless or not-be-accountable and hence, taking care of seniors of the family is our responsibility. According to WHO (World Health Organization), “Over 95% of these deaths occurred in those older than 60 years.”

Well, this could occur because of numerous reasons comprising of the drop in immunity levels, cardiovascular disease or other health concerns. And hence, here are 5 quick mental tips for elderly people to battle against mental stress during this lockdown:

Everyday routine is crucial

Disruption of their daily routine may make them feel low and directionless. So, establish a proper routine for them. Find tasks to utilize their time and create a sense of normality and productivity.

Engage them

Since they are not allowed to go to parks or recreation centers, try to engage them with physical activities at home itself. Take a walk with them either in your garden or roof.

Lift their mood with easy dancing sessions. Or ask them to help you with little chores like chopping vegetables.

Communication and Meditation

According to the CDC, meditation is one of the best ways to fight stress and anxiety. Ask them to meditate to attain peace of mind. Additionally, communicate with them and listen to their stories.

Moreover, this reduces boredom and the gloominess of the atmosphere.

Social connection with distancing

No doubt, social media, and television become your friends during isolation. But, restrict older adults to limited exposure to avoid coming across any fake news and panic situations.

Instead, make them productively use the Internet. Plan their group video chats with friends and family for a positive state of mind and better emotional and mental health.

Check on eating plans

Stress makes a person crave for food rich in sugar or saturated fats. These types of food increase stress and anxiety levels. And hence, keep an eye on their eating plans for an improved mental state.

Moreover, make certain to them consume food rich in protein and potassium to calm their mood.

Apart from the above mental health tips, it’s crucial that people (no matter what their age is) do summon upon this proven scientific fact that any kind of intense negative emotion (fear, stress, sadness, etc.) brings their immune system down. This is how their bodies become more prone to manifesting numerous diseases or viruses.

the question is…

Could you imagine staying in a negative (intense) state of mind for years and feel like… oh, it’s fine?

No! You can’t and now imagine the same scenario when you are 60+ years of age.

It sounds scary, right?

Well, taking care of your emotional and mental health by not acknowledging negative thoughts becomes primary. Moreover, the red flag or red emergency light isn’t really the right time to deal with your decade-old (or more) state of mind.

Also, it doesn’t really mean that you don’t take, what seems real in front of your eyes, serious. However, doing the above can create a filter through which you will engage with what needs to be dealt with. Furthermore, you will start putting your energy into making the changes required to change the near-future reality. 

Lastly, WHO has issued many mental health tips, guidelines and suggestions, which are sure to help elderly people out.

Until then, take care! 

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