Why Mental Health crisis is the “Most talked about” topic amid COVID-19?

mental health crisis amid covid-19 novel coronavirus

Since COVID-19 turned out into a global pandemic in the last few weeks, mental health issues have also become the talk of every town country out there.

This is why the WHO has issued the ‘Mental health and psychosocial considerations during the COVID-19 outbreak.’ Well, a few reasons out of many reasons to worry about mental health during the quarantine include: 

Also, there are a lot of people out there who are also suffering from anxiety and stress. This is not a healthy sign for any nation, especially India which is already filled with societal limitations.

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Moreover, there is hardly any awareness about mental health conditions or symptoms. Some of the reasons for such mental disturbances are:

  • Fake news and myths about the virus that easily get viral through social media platforms.
  • According to reports, the news about the infected and dead is driving fear among people.
  • Social distancing is disturbing the minds of people especially the outgoing ones.
  • Lack of proper knowledge among vulnerable communities regarding the virus, symptoms, precautions, etc.
  • Due to the lockdown, poor families do not have access to proper food and facilities.
  • Businesses and daily wage workers are in loss and a financial crisis is awaiting 

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In this time of the crisis, it is extremely necessary to talk about mental health and the methods to cope with stress and anxiety among people. It is more than crucial so that major mishappenings can be avoided or at least prevented.

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