Neuroscience backs the idea of Meditation amid COVID-19 lockdown – Work from home

neuroscience backs the concept of meditation

The entire world is amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and working from home is the only option for the majority right now. However, it might not be a good idea for everyone since distractions at home get heightened as compared to that in the office. It’s a human tendency to be more lazy and carefree while being at home.

Moreover, with your family around, every day might just feel like Sunday. Furthermore, sometimes what happens is you end up having no work-life balance at all. Either you are working till too late or are taking a hell lot of breaks because you simply can’t keep your awareness in one place.

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So, who do you think can be your savior? Well, Meditation is a good practice, to begin with. I completely understand it sounds weird, especially in a scenario of fear, stress, distraction, and whatnot. However, it’s a pretty well-known practice, and even 30-45 minutes into it can truly (backed by scientific research) has the capability to change your brain patterns then your body and hence, your life.

Enlisted are certain (from a vast collection) benefits of practicing meditation:

1. Fewer Mistakes

Being humans people are supposed to make mistakes and amid lockdown, its tendency has also increased. However, a study from Michigan State University found that meditation can actually help you become less error-prone.

Although much immediate effect was not observed in the participants. However, the researchers found a promising window into the potential of sustained meditation.

2. Reduced level of stress

People all are surely a little or a little more than usually stressed in this COVID-19 quarantine. Meditation comes for our rescue here too! A study including 3515 participants concluded that “meditation programs can result in small to moderate reductions of multiple negative dimensions of psychological stress.” 

Moreover, amid this lockdown, you do not have the option of going out to help our stress, hence meditation is the key.

3. Heightened focus

The greatest hurdle while working from home is the lack of focus. If you cannot focus for stretched-time-period, you won’t be able to do our work properly. A study shows that Zen meditation can help free the mind of distractions.

“What I find really interesting in this approach is that it stands to regulate the mind by regulating the body- posture, breathing,” said researcher Guiseppe Pagnoni, a neuroscientist at Emory University in Atlanta.

4. Promotes emotional health

Many people are having mental health problems and frequent breakdowns in this period. Meditation is the easiest way to promote mental health. Better emotional health means heightened productivity-level at work. A study found that meditation therapies may have salutary effects on patients having clinical depressive disorders.

While all this has been proved by studies, it does not mean that at this point we are required to take a full-fledged meditation therapy. Just 20 minutes of meditation is enough to cause an incredible change in our lives.

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Moreover, if you are a beginner, you can take help from the numerous applications and youtube videos available out there. However, ensure that you only opt for a bit of content that has enough evidence backing it. Otherwise, ensure a quick check on if the person who posted it qualifies or not.

Until then!

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