Fake News or Negative Misinformation can End up in Mental Health Crisis?

mental health issues during covid-19 coronavirus

Rumors, especially the fake or negative ones have always been a headache for society. The fake news not only misleads the crowd but also can be proved contagious and end up in a mental health crisis. The best example of the misleading information passed is on the current situation dealing with COVID-19 Pandemic.

Well, this phase has experienced lots of panic attacks under enormous fake sources. Technology is at its best at the moment when it comes to helping students prepare or learn via online sources at home during the lockdown hours.

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However, it proves hazardous due to the excessive fake news outlets be it in the form of text messages on WhatsApp or other social media platforms. These unnecessarily and over-exaggerating channels are making people suffer from chronic stress and mental health crisis.

It can also hamper the proper functioning of the immune cells by changing your behavior by flushing the pattern of negative thoughts. Before traveling further, we need to know exactly what sources are actually responsible for spreading fake claims or guidance.

We come across numerous news articles written by people who are working as attendants to many online platforms, without extensive research. Also, we are still unaware of the actual cause of coronavirus, we require someone who can very precisely discuss the facts rather than fiction.

Moreover, these behind the scene creators make the people receptive of danger. It is due to their lack of training on how to properly evaluate shreds of evidence and interpret meanings of the reports according to the provided essential statistics.

This can only be reduced if we get a little attentive over analyzing the websites and verifying the messages we receive on the social media platforms.

What you can do?

Always try looking for the editors of the websites sharing information. Also, it will help you expand your knowledge about the situation. After all, we cannot completely deny the power of journalism in such a complex situation.

It helps spread awareness on how can we protect ourselves and also the ongoing status of the virus in the world. Moreover, the WHO website is the trusted source for evidence-based information so don’t forget to check it. Be selective on choosing what to pick and digest from the platter of sources concerning the pandemic.

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Stay home and stay safe!!!

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