COVID-19: Devastating Impact on Daily Wage Workers’ Mental & Physical Health

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The ongoing lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting everyone’s life in numerous ways. However, the most devastating impact is on the vulnerable sections of our society. After the government announced a nationwide lockdown, these most vulnerable communities across the country are facing a lot of challenges.

From migrant daily wage workers, waste pickers, delivery boys to rickshaw drivers, their daily life is getting impacted harshly. Also, this crisis is affecting their financial, physical as well as mental health. Since this kind of pandemic never comes with prior notice, their only source of income is shut down.

This happened specifically after the announcement of 21 days of a complete lockdown that’s now been followed by an extension in the lockdown. Moreover, this loss of livelihood has lead to a lack of food, shelter, health, and other regular needs. Furthermore, their mental trauma starts when they are unable to feed their family.

The harsh reality

Many migrants are stranded in different cities due to suspended modes of transport and prevailing COVID-19 lockdown. Thousands of workers in India fled on foot to their villages that lead to the death of many. Another matter of concern is how they will arrange proper medical care for their family or themselves.

With little or almost no savings they are worried if they will be able to survive for at least a month. Also, they fear that they may die out of hunger rather than Coronavirus ( COVID-19). This fear, endless concern and justified question on their survival are giving birth to mental illness like depression.

A big section of the society on which the upper class relies is at risk during this global outbreak.

On this note, the government, police, celebrities, and other non-profit organizations are making their best efforts to support these workers. Financially, they are providing a fixed monthly amount, distributing food or ration during COVID-19 lockdown. However, no one knows when their gloomy period will come to an end.

covid-19 Impacts Wage Workers physical and Mental health badly

In the end, So help the needy (if you come across one and vice versa).

Until then!

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