COVID-19: “Anxiety might not be at all bad”, says, Charlie Kurth

COVID-19 and Anxiety

The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in increased anxiety and stress among the world population. This is why a lot of organizations including WHO are talking about it for a long time now. Anxiety is basically a feeling, which is our body’s natural response to stress, fear, etc. or apprehension about what’s to come.

You would have been anxious many times before and you might be well informed about its negative side effects. Yeah, people usually speak about negative stuff the most whether it’s the news or any social media post. They are all filled mostly with content that talks about problems that emotionally drain you further. 

How about understanding the Positive side of Anxiety?

Well, don’t confuse it with clinical anxiety as it is actually unhealthy. Still, certain forms of anxiety can function as a valuable emotional response to uncertainty, as said by the famous philosopher, Charlie Kurth in his recent blog.

So here’s a list of reasons as to why anxiety can be your friend in this COVID-19 lockdown :

  • With lots of free time, nowadays, it makes us more concerned about making the right decisions. It further involves bringing a willingness to reconsider our views. This certainly happens when you are spending some time alone or in peace.
  • Anxiety can be a warning sign leading us towards awareness about the situation (currently COVID-19). It further allows you to think about causing necessary changes in your life. For example, social distancing (which you otherwise rarely let happen), hygiene, etc.
  • It may actually make us feel more motivated and prepared to face the COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, it is causing us to put that extra effort into our safety.
  • Going through anxiety, you tend to become more understanding & empathetic towards other’s challenges.
  • This anxiety right now is a boon as it is changing our perspective about what’s actually important in our lives. Also, our carelessness towards nature as we now see that the world is in quarantine because of a microscopic virus!

In spite of having such positive effects, if you are hindering your life because of anxiety, it’s always best to reach out for professional help and therapy. You may also consider meditation, online apps, etc. that actually help with lowering anxiety issues.

Moreover, keeping your state of mind in check can do everything to keep your state of being safe.

Until then!

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