COVID-19 Quarantine: 6R’s Formula to fight Mental Health Issues

6R's formula covid-19 mental health quaratine

People are going through a lot during this COVID-19 outbreak. People who aren’t comfortable working from home or staying at home for a longer duration are finding it pretty hard to fight mental health concerns. Also, people are experiencing COVID-19 stress and are trying hard to handle it.

Dr. Michelle Prosje, a neuropsychologist came with a strategy to tackle mental health issues during this quarantine period.

Her strategies were mainly focused on neurologically impaired individuals and their caretakers. However, it can be beneficial to any individual to cope with the stress. Moreover, her formula describes significant 6 R’s and their role in our life.


You are highly advised to plan your day, especially the basic routine. Even if you are not going to work or your children are not going to school, you should establish a routine and stick to it.

You may consider choosing a few engaging activities. It will further help you to let go of boredom and loneliness that these times can dump on you.


Restrict the over-consumption of news and information related to COVID-19. You just need to stay informed and not being overpowered from it. Furthermore, ensure that you rely on trusted sources for facts and not be misinformed by fake rumors or news on social handles.


Emotional support should be essential during this time of crisis. Every individual is going through a different phase and fighting against a battle either physically, neurologically, or psychologically. You should be considerate and learn to respect others’ emotions.


Everyone with or without neurological disorders should add a nap in their routine. A calm, sound and intentional sleep provides rest to your body and refreshes the mind.


We should learn to raise each other by forming a virtual connection. Since all of us are homebound and are unable to go out, try to connect with others virtually, praise them, tell them how much you miss them and lift their mood. You are advised to practice social distancing and not emotional distancing.


Use this quarantine period smartly to create a new and better version of yourself. This is the best time to think out of the box and do something new to come out as a better personality. You just need to utilize your time wisely to rejuvenate yourself.

Until then!

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